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These headsets are designed to work with your NEC phones and are proven to provide excellent sound quality regardles of work environment.Plug'em into your headset port and start enjoying hands-free communication.

Wireless headsets and Direct-Connect wired headsets are comptatible with NEC telephones:

200, 300, 3610, 3625, 3760, 3770, 400, 515, 525, 600, 900
ACD Terminal:ETT16s-1, Aspire, Console 12, Console 22, Console 2400, Console 409
DT2000, DT2000 DLX, DT2100, DT3100, 124i/384 Digital sets, DS01 sets
EXEC 700/701
Mark 2100, MF5A1B/F, NEX 2600
Onyx sets, Optima sets
P100, P110, P120, P180, P181, P182, P200, P300, P400, P515, P600, P688, P7, P700, P701, P760, P761, P777, P8, P800, P810, P820, P840, Portrait sets
T810, T840, Talktime MAX 920

Other NEC phones may require the GN 8210 MPA.

If you're not sure which headset is compatible or suitable with your NEC phone just chat, email or call us and we can provide you with details for the most suitable style for your environment. All Jabra, GN Netcom, NEC and Plantronics telephone headsets are commercial-grade corded telephone headsets and telephone adapters with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. All Jabra, GN Netcom, NEC and Plantronics wireless headsets come with a one- year manufacturer's warranty.

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